Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Viva Las Vegas- Day 1

I am in Las Vegas for the I Teach K conference!  It is the first of my 4 days here.  I attended the keynote and 4 great workshops today!

Here are a few highlights from today...

This was Sharron Krull's workshop. She put a balloon in a nylon and blew it up.  She then dipped it in BioColor paint that was on a paper plate and made prints on white paper.  A suggestion was made that you could make a Very Hungry Caterpillar using this technique.  You can visit Sharron's website by clicking on the picture.   

This was Kim Adsit's Interactive Writing workshop.  On the left there are pieces of fruit (clip art), in the middle, students wrote out the names of the fruits, and prices for each piece of fruit are on the right.  This would be great for early addition and money.  You can visit Kim's blog by clicking on the picture.

Vanessa Levin's workshop was about parental involvement.  I loved these post cards she sent home (made at Vistaprint.com) when students needed school supplies.  You check the supplies they need.  There was a little note on the back asking parents to send them in.  You can visit Vanessa's website by clicking on the picture.

I was really looking forward to Vanessa Levin's workshop on parental involvement because I felt this was an area that I could use some ideas.  She said many times that she doesn't ask parents to be involved, she expects it.  Another great idea from her workshop was to not only answer FAQ's on paper at the beginning of the year, but to also have a video available because like children, adults also have different learning styles.  This way, you are covering visual and auditory learning styles.  I think I am going to be busy on Vistaprint.com soon!

Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for sharing about these workshops! Now I can at least blog stalk from home :)

    Melissa from http://transitionalkinder.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for following. I hope you can find some good ideas here!