Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to My Classroom

I made my first visit of the summer to my classroom (and second & third) this week.  I took the plunge-a plunge for me anyway- and had my desk removed from my room.  Oh my goodness, I had no idea my 27 x 27 room had so much space!  I LOVE my new set up (pictures to come in the next couple weeks once I get things put away- I ordered new library bins from Really Good Stuff and am awaiting their arrival).  There is more room to walk through the room and a less cluttered look.

I created a teacher toolbox; they seem to have taken Pinterest by storm, so I'm sure you've seen them.  I got directions from Create, Teach, Share and my labels from Kristen Doyle on TpT (they are a freebie!).

I couldn't fit everything in there (under the toolkit is a 3 drawer plastic drawer system), but it definitely will help me be more organized.  This is behind my guided reading table, which will double as student seating and my desk.  Side note on the teacher toolbox, colored pencils don't really fit in the wide drawers (which I learned after I had put the label on), so there is tape in that drawer, I just didn't make the new label yet.

More to come on my classroom set-up in the coming weeks!  Have you started working in your room yet?

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  1. Love your teacher toolbox.
    Stop by soon.
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