Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Planting Adventure

With Earth Day right around the corner, I thought it was a good time to plant seeds with my kiddos.  I have a local college student who comes to work with our class twice a week, and this seemed like the perfect job for him.

I purchased clear plastic cups for our planting because I thought my kiddos would be able to see the roots (maybe?) as our plants grew.  We got some new science materials this year, and included in the kit was soil, rye seed and a grow light.

With a little guidance, the seeds were successfully planted and watered.  The next day, a sad thing happened.  During centers, I caught 2 students looking in the cups to see "where the plants were hiding".  By "looking", I mean they were digging through the dirt trying to find the plants because they thought plants should have grown overnight of course.  

I watered the little guys before I left on Friday.  I don't normally have a very green thumb, so we'll see if anything grows after the adventure these little seeds have been on!

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  1. My classroom this year doesn't have a window so we didn't plant anything. I missed it.

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