Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Animal Characteristics

Our most recent study right before Spring Break was animal characteristics.  I decided to cover one type of animals per day.  I've found that when students, much like myself, write something down, they are more likely to recall the information.

I created a set of fill-in-the-blank books for students to use as we learned about each type of animals.  They completed one book per day, and we also had a snack each day.  Food makes all learning better, right?

Day 1 was mammals.  Since it was the week before Easter, we made little bunnies out of sugar cookies, frosting, pull & peel licorice and M & Ms.

Cover page of book about mammals.

Day 2 was about reptiles.  I was struggling to come up with a snack, so we had gummy worms and pretended they were gummy snakes.
Page from reptile book.
This child is working on the last page of the book where students write animals in that group and draw a picture of the animals they chose.

Day 3 covered amphibians.  We made little frogs using pretzel flats, Oreos and M&Ms.

We finished up the week learning about birds.  I made little bird nests using chow mien noodles,  marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and M&ms.  My kiddos filled their nests with eggs (jelly beans) and a bird to keep the eggs warm (Peep).

Today is our first day back from Spring Break and the start of our new unit about water.  I decided to start this unit off with a fish book.  Our snack will be Swedish Fish (with eggs) from the Easter aisle.  

These books are a new pack in my TpT store.  They are bundled into one pack and are currently on sale for $4, but will be regular price ($5) on Friday.  Check them out here.


  1. Love this!!! The books are great and the food even better!! Anything food...I'm in :)

    1. They seem to be in with anything food too! We eat a lot in my room :)