Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Fun

October seems like it is becoming as crazy as May!  I can't believe we are more than halfway through October, and the end of the first nine weeks is this Friday.  Our current unit of study is "Cornucopia", which is our fall unit.  This year, it hit at the perfect time as the leaves are turning and falling, the weather is starting to get cooler, and pumpkins are out in full force.

At the writing center, students are writing shape books about pumpkins and apples.  There are 3 pages in each book and a list of words at the writing center.  Students then have the opportunity to read their books to the class at the end of centers, which is their favorite part!

At the science center, students are coloring a tree for all seasons.  Each line separates the tree into a different season.  Students then create buds and leaves to show the correct season.

At the dramatic play center, we've been raking leaves for our babies to jump in.  Love 50 leaves in a pack from the Dollar Tree!  There are also pumpkins and apples for students to play with.

We are the proud authors of a book available for free in the iTunes store!  We walked around the school and took pictures of numbers we spotted with our iPad.  After taking pictures, each student chose a picture and wrote a sentence about it.  My university student and I wrote the sentences out on a dry erase board, and students did the typing on the iPad.  Finally, we recorded students reading their sentence. You can get the book by clicking here.  We love to see people downloading our book from all over the place.  My kiddos are SO PROUD of being authors!

This week is Grandparents Day (Thursday) and our Halloween Party (Friday).  Any suggestions for a Grandparents Day activity for 50+ people (23 kids and their grandparents) in my classroom?

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