Saturday, September 21, 2013

We Are Family (with freebies!)

It is a rainy Saturday here in NE Ohio.  A perfect day for cleaning, baking and school work.  A batch of apple bread is complete, apple dessert bars are next followed by dinner and another round of bread (debating a batch of apple to freeze or move on to pumpkin).  Last week's apple picking lead to a desire to make lots of apple goodies.

Our current unit is "Those Nearest and Dearest", which includes the topics of families and friends.  I created a few center activities for my students to use with a family theme in mind.

I was looking for a way for my students to practice counting objects to 10 in the math center and decided to use my bear counters.  Students choose a bear card and make a "bear family" using bear counters.  They all love using the bear counters!

You can get your copy of the bear cards here.

My second creation was a beginning sound sort (well, actually 2) with a family theme.  Students sort 9 picture cards by their initial sounds.  It was surprising to me to see who picked up on this quickly and those who struggled.

This activity is also a freebie here.

If you download these activities, I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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