Sunday, September 15, 2013

Picking Apples

I am excited for fall; I'm not looking forward to what comes after fall, but I love the changing leaves, cooler temperatures (notice I said "cooler" and not "freezing with snow"), apples and pumpkins.

In the 8 years I have taught kindergarten, I have planned a trip to the apple orchard for my class and my teammates' classes who are interesting in going for six years.  Today was our trip for this fall.  All 4 classes who are part of my team were invited.  We had a beautiful fall day!  24 families joined us for brief instructions and an afternoon of family fun picking apples.

The orchard is about 15 minutes from our school. Families are responsible for their own transportation and the cost of the apples they pick.  I call the orchard ahead of time and set up the trip.  We send a reservation form home to get a head count.  Then, the day of the trip, we all meet at the orchard.

The trees at the local orchard, Stahl's Farm Market, are short enough that students can reach the apples.  The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They are very flexible and accommodating to the needs of our kiddos.  Today, our "tour guide" told the kids and families to sample as many apples as they'd like.  The kids had a blast!

Why do we do this?  I want my students to have some of the experiences I had growing up.  I want families to discover "hidden gems" in our area, and hopefully they will go back next season.  More than that, I want to encourage families to spend time together doing something fun that everyone can participate in.  Was this a success?  Absolutely!

Tomorrow we will be making applesauce!  Make sure you follow me (over there on the right) to see how our applesauce adventure turns out.

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