Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It {July 22}

In addition to linking up with Tara from Fourth Grade Frolics for Made It Monday, I also have a guest blog post over at Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten today.  This linky has been my inspiration to be crafty during the summer!

I am going to start with dinner I made early last week.  I had seen this recipe on Pinterest for quinoa with roasted veggies.  I thought, "I don't really need a recipe for that; I'll just make it up as I go."  I saw pork chops with reduced price stickers and we had a winner.  I used a new spice mix I got in Savannah at The Salt Table, a store full of spices, flavored salts and sugars and the like.  This was an excellent dinner.

I wrote about a couple other great recipes I tried on Friday.  Check out that post here.

Thanks to the Scentos deal at Michaels (on clearance for 30 cents), I decided to give these to my students for their birthdays.  I made little labels to stick on them.  Tie a little birthday ribbon (50 cents a roll clearance at Michaels) around them and we are done!  You can download your own copy of the labels here.  These are printed on address labels (Avery 5160).

I was feeling pretty good after last week's successful wall art for my bedroom.  Enter: this week's inspiration (thanks again, Pinterest!).

This seemed a bit more challenging, but the hardest part was waiting *patiently* for the brushes to dry so I could change size for each color.  It was a bit more time consuming than I anticipated (about 1.5 hours on task total I'd guess), but I am liking it.  I basically followed the directions shared on the site for the inspiration, but obviously changed the colors to go with the room I was using this in.  My background is also cream and I used a brown paint pen for the stems, but my dots are purple, green, blue and gray.  I also used a longer canvas (12x24) as it was most likely going over a bed and I thought it would look better.

Make sure to stop at Tara's blog (4th Grade Frolics) to see all the craftiness this week and Nicki's (Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten) to read about ways I communicate with parents using technology.

What have you made this week?


  1. Super fun! Thanks for sharing your creations! I just found you from Nicki's blog and am your newest follower!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just visited you and am your newest follower too. Congrats on 600 followers!


  2. What a fabulous idea to give the Scentos markers as birthday gifts! I use them to check papers when we are working in small groups as students finish. They get to choose the scent they want, and in kindergarten, that is a BIG deal! I will have to head to Michaels today. I know my kiddos would be over the moon to have a smelly marker of their very own! :)

    1. I was looking for something different for their birthdays and when I saw those, I thought it was the perfect gift. I think only elementary teachers understand how "cool" smelly markers are for kids! :) Thanks for stopping by!