Thursday, July 25, 2013


Have you used Magna-Tiles in your classroom or with your own children?  I entered a contest (you can enter below) for Magna-Tiles for my classroom.  They are giving Magna-Tiles away each day to a lucky winner.  I must have been VERY lucky (I typically don't win things!) because I got an e-mail last Thursday telling me that I had won!

I was excited because these look pretty cool for my classroom.  There are 32 pieces in the box.  I was thinking a center activity.

Then my box arrived yesterday.  Below is what I found when I opened it.
6 boxes of Magna-Tiles!!!  Look out math time, here we come.  My wheels are turning with lessons to use these with.  I'm thinking the obvious...building 3-D shapes ( these shapes they created) and naming 2-D shapes (K.G.A.2) .  I'm also thinking use simple shapes to make larger shapes (K.G.B.6).

Did you say you wanted some too?  You should go here and nominate yourself (yes, you can nominate yourself) to win some for your classroom too!  They are drawing one winner per day through August 9.

What ideas do you have for using Magna-Tiles in the classroom?  I'm off to Pinterest to search for some new ideas :)

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