Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Yesterday we had Dr. Seuss celebration.  I have never done anything big in terms of a Dr. Seuss unit, but this year, pinterest and all its great ideas changed that.  A few highlights are below.

Students were invited to dress up like their favorite characters.  We had a Green Eggs and Ham shirt, 2 Cat in the Hat characters, 2 Dr. Seuss hats and Cindy-Lou Who.  So cute!

Cat in the Hat snack

"Cat in the Hat" showing off his Cat in the Hat art.

Oh the Places They'll Go (hot air balloons)

Our Truffula forest

I think this is my favorite project! 

All of our ideas for these projects were found on Pinterest, but these pictures were of the projects completed in our classroom.

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