Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Day

It has been quite a while since I've been here writing.  School and other commitments seem to be getting the better of my evenings!  Hoping to find more time to fill you in on the end of our year once things start to calm down.

I wanted to share a quick teacher appreciation idea that my students made for the other teachers on our team and our specialists.  It just so happened to be Nurse's Day too, so we made one for our nurse as well.  Inspiration came from this pin.  A parent suggested that my kiddos make something for all teachers for teacher appreciation day, but we settled on a more manageable number!

I found the pots (plastic) at the Dollar Tree along with the gum drops, crinkle paper, skewers and 1 pack of cookies.  The other 2 packs of cookies were from Aldi.  In the bottom of the pot, I put Model Magic clay left over from another project.  For 8 "bouquets", I spent about $10.

After showing my kiddos how to make a flower, they did the project completely independently.  It was a great little project for them, and those on the receiving end appreciated it too.

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