Sunday, May 10, 2015

Photo Collages

My end of the year gift to my students varies every year, but it usually involves pictures in some way.  Some years it is a DVD, others it is a little picture book in the form of a scrapbook and one year it was a class picture with a cute border (must have been a really busy May that year!).

This year I thought I was making a DVD, but realized 2 things: one-I hadn't watched for DVDs to go on sale and didn't want to pay full price; two- as I went to upload my field trip pictures last week, my iPhoto sadly said it was out of space.  DVD just not in the cards this year.

During the TpT sale last week, I purchased an end of the year memory book for my kiddos to complete.  I decided that I'd go back to my Powerpoint created picture collages and incorporate them throughout the book.  While searching for a free way to edit pictures online, I found  Not only could I edit pictures, but I could quickly and easily make photo collages!

You can choose anywhere between 2 and 8+ pictures per collage. 

Choose "open" then "computer" to choose your photo.

Once you upload your photos, you can drag them into the collage or click "fill" and it will fill your selected photos in for you.  I saved each collage to my desktop and will print tomorrow to include in their end of the year books.

I liked because I did not have to create an account, and it was easy to save my creation to my computer.

What do you use to create collages or edit pictures?


  1. I just use picmonkey. I will have to check this out!! I am sure your kiddos will love what you make!

    1. I haven't used picmonkey before. I was kind of in a hurry and didn't want to make an account. I'll have to work on that one this summer.