Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bunny Directed Drawing

I wanted to write about this one sooner rather than later so you could make these too!

We've been doing quite a bit of directed drawing in my room this year.  I guess "quite a bit" is a relative term.  Since I did zero last year, doing it more than once seems to be "quite a bit"!

I found this guy thanks to Pinterest (where else would I look after all!).  I love her directions because they are so easy for a less than artistic person such as myself to follow.  We did the reindeer from this site in December and they were awesome.

In our last couple professional development meetings, we've been talking about getting the kids to really listen to what you are saying/what is happening around them and how this ties to their language and phonological awareness development.  When we start a directed drawing, I always ask the kids why we are doing it, and they know it is so they can listen and follow directions.  One little guy said "because if we don't listen to what you say, it won't look like a rabbit!"

After the directed drawing portion, we had a discussion on what color a rabbit might be in the wild or as a pet.  My kiddos chose their colors and used crayons to color on this one.  We painted the background with watered-down liquid watercolor.  Choices of pink, blue and green were given.

I love the finished look the mats give these.  Each bunny is unique, but all the kiddos must have been listening because we have a class set of bunny art.  They are hanging in the hallway outside our room.  We've received many compliments already!


  1. I love the finished product!!! I want to try it with my girls. I like that each one looks unique. We have tried to incorporate more following directions even in first grade because it is sooooo important and not something they do very well!

    1. They turned out really cute! We did a reindeer at Christmas that I also put in a mat. I thought if parents wanted to frame them, this would make it easy to swap it out for seasons. I'd love to see what your girls make!