Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Authentic Learning About Pets

After reading Chapter 3 of Worksheets Don't Build Dendrites about field trips, I'm on even more of a mission to incorporate as many field trips and other experiences for my students as possible.

We have been learning about animals over the last week or so.  I contacted a local pet store and asked one of the employees to bring in an assortment of pets, but no "typical" pets like cats and dogs.  I wanted to students to experience pets that they might otherwise not see.  I did this with my class last year, and it was a big hit.  This year, they were kind enough to include all the kindergarten classes.

Two young men presented 20 minute sessions to 2 classes at a time.  We learned about how to care for each of the animals, the life span and other cool facts.  Students were then given the opportunity to touch each animal; this was, of course, the highlight for them!

This was a "no thank you" for me!  The kids loved the colors of this snake.

Fainting beetle

A baby lizard (bearded dragon maybe?)

Baby tortoise
After seeing and touching all the animals, we were able to see a larger (6 yrs. old) tortoise and the bunny snack on some lettuce.

I'm hoping to be back soon back on track with the Worksheets Don't Build Dendrites book study!


  1. Oh my!!!!!! What a great idea!! Did they charge you? I wonder if I could do the same?

    1. Totally free to us!! The owners kids (one of which was a presenter) went through our school system, and they are great about giving back. The kiddos LOVE it, and it is such a great experience for them!