Monday, January 26, 2015

Have You Tried ChatterPix?

I've seen ChatterPix mentioned on a few different blogs.  I saw that it was free so of course I downloaded it.  It was always in the back of mind and last week I pulled it up and gave it a shot.

Each week, we go to the computer lab where the majority of the class works on iReady, an online diagnostic and instructional website.  We are piloting it in K this year, so not all of my students have accounts.  For those who don't, they typically use Raz-Kids, but this was difficult to engage them for 40 minutes or more.

Two weeks ago I came up with the idea to use our PebbleGo account to have students not on iReady research our current classroom theme: space.  I looked at the information available on PebbleGo and wrote out 5 questions for students to answer from the material given.  When we went back to class, the "researchers" had to share their findings with the rest of the class who used iReady.  The first thing students researched was stars and this past week they learned about the moon.

This week I had 2 students who learned about the moon come over, choose a Google image of the moon and record a couple facts that they had learned using ChatterPix.  After uploading the image and recording your information, you can use "stickers" in the app to decorate your picture.

Please excuse the background nose in the videos; we did our recording in the hallway while students in my class were at centers and another class came to the restroom which is right next to our room.

The app is great for quick projects.  You are limited to 30 seconds of recording time, so it was perfect for just a couple facts.

Each project took less than 10 minutes to create from finding the image, to recording and decorating.  My students LOVED it and were so proud of their little videos.  This is a free app I will definitely use again in the future.

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