Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Little Entertainment for Your Day

After 3 snow days, we finally went back to school yesterday.  Here's a little something to make you smile for today.

One of our goals this nine weeks (which ends tomorrow) is to learn our address.  I pulled a little guy over to ask him his address; here was our conversation:

Me: A, what is your address.

A: {puzzled face}

Me: Your address is where you live.  What is your address.

A: With my mom

Me: You are right, you do live with your mom.  Let me tell you your address and you say it back to me. (says address)

A: {Looks at me like he's confused}

Me: Your mom lives there too.  Please repeat your address after me.

A: Smiles and repeats. 

A parent and I were e-mailing back and forth about a child's backpack.  I mentioned that I appreciated the parent sending her homework back even with the backpack mixup.  The parent asked me to please tell her child that it is not necessary for mommy to say "ready read" when reading a story for homework.

{Our curriculum provides books for shared reading. There is a 'teacher' part of the story and a 'student' part.  After I read the teacher part, I say "ready read" and the kids read their part}

Me: Do you make mommy say 'ready read' when you do your homework?

A: Yes

Me: You know, mommy doesn't need to do that when you do homework.

A: But YOU do

Me: Yes, I do it because there is a group of kids reading at the same time, and you wouldn't be able to start together without me telling you when to start.  When it is just you and mommy reading, you don't need that because it is just you reading your part.

A: I'm still telling her she has to say it.

Sorry mom, I tried!

These things made me smile today.  Hope they made you smile too!

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