Saturday, December 6, 2014

Polar Bear Art

We finished our "arts" theme yesterday.  The first week was all about music and the second was about visual art and dance.  This year we do not have an art teacher, she retired and was not replaced, and I'm certainly no artist (stick figures are a stretch!) so I feel like my kids are shorted in this area this year.  I've been trying to find different step-by-step projects that can make all of us artists!

I saw this guy from Whimsy Workshop on Pinterest and Facebook and knew that my kiddos would love him!  Yesterday our morning message (prescribed by our curriculum daily) was "I am an artist.  You can be an artist too."  Bingo, today is the day for our art project!

I started out by showing the kids the step-by-step directions include in the blog post from Whimsy Workshop (linked above).  I did this in small groups due to a limited number of supplies (I had to borrow chalk pastels from our high school art department- Thanks Jennifer!).  I then went through each step with the group showing them her picture and reading the directions.

I ended up cutting the bears out for them because a couple of them said they didn't want to cut their ears off.  I caved and did this for them (normally I would have them try it).  

Empty space for child that was absent!

As you can see, they were kind of light on the white, but I still think they did a great job!
I love the way they turned out, and they will be perfect for our next unit too which focuses on winter.  Thanks so much to Whimsy Workshop for a great tutorial!  

Has anyone seen any other great art projects for kindergarten kiddos?


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    1. Thanks, Laura! I think I'll enjoy looking at them for the next month or so. :)