Friday, December 19, 2014

Giving to Others {Part 2}

Last Friday we had some cookie decorating fun (8 dozen).  I got the box of 6 dozen cutouts from GFS, quite yummy!  I whipped up my own frosting and get a couple multi packs of sprinkles. The kids got round Pillsbury refrigerated dough.  They decided that we were giving the cookies to our local police force, firemen, library staff and our school support staff and specials teachers.

The kids all wore gloves and I remember them if they thought they were going to sneeze or cough, they should move away form the table!  Does it look like they had fun?

Some of my friends even cleaned up their own table!

We plated the cookies for the school staff and packed boxes for the other 3 groups.  Students addressed cards and added candy accents to the boxes.

We need a lesson in handling the plate of cookies :)  I think she ate them anyway!

A police officer and a fireman came in to pick up their cookies.  The kiddos were pretty excited to meet a policeman and a fireman in the same day!

As we were delivering cookies throughout out building, one of my kiddos said "This is fun!  When can we do nice things for other people again?"  I'll be back with our big project that we did throughout the month of December soon.

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