Friday, December 20, 2013

Five For Friday {December 20}

Happy Winter Break!  I'm linking up with Kasey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky.

1.  Yesterday was pajama day.  In my room, we have a special addition to our breakfast (we eat breakfast in our rooms daily) on pajama day: cinnamon rolls!  An awesome coworker of mine takes them out of the oven for us and delivers them warm and gooey to our room.  Thanks Angi and Pillsbury!

2.  We made "magic scratch" ornaments today.  Who knew they were so exciting for my kiddos?!?

3.  I made some cookies using Andes mint chips.  I used your basic Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe but substituted Andes mint chips for the chocolate chips.  Yum!

4.  Throughout this week, we engaged in some Random Acts of Kindness.  We passed out a tag with each one.  You can download them here for next year.  One day we passed out candy bags to staff members.

5.  After completing our parent gifts, students decorated their own wrapping paper (butcher paper with construction paper crayons).  They loved it!

Hope your last week was great!  Enjoy some much deserved time off (if you're already on break).  I'll be back sometime this week to tell you all about our penguin learning.


  1. Those cookies look amazing!
    The wrapping paper is so cute. Great idea.
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun 

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Charlotte! The cookies are SO good!