Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winter Changes to Spring; My Bulletin Board Finally Changes Too!

I am not the most efficient person when it comes to bulletin boards.  A lot of ideas come to mind (thank-you Pinterest), but finding the time to execute them and hang them doesn't always happen as quickly as I would like it to.  I made my life a little easier this year by gluing thumb tacks to clothespins and putting them on my board.  It makes hanging student work much easier!

These were our winter bulletin board works of art.  The girls created art with snowflakes punched from a Fiskars punch.  The boys made snowmen with scrapbook paper and 1", 2" and 3" circles.  I apologize for the pictures; blogger would not cooperate with rotating them!

Now that "spring has sprung", we painted flowers to brighten our room.  I found this idea on Pinterest.   Students began by painting a black flower outline.  I showed them how to make a daisy, a sunflower and a tulip.  We have been learning about the parts of a plant, so their flowers needed to have a stem, leaves and petals.

After the black paint dried, students then used a paint brush to paint the petals and the leaves.  Students were able to use any color they would like.

After the petals and leaves dried, students used a sponge to paint the background.  They chose to make the background all one color or to have a sky and grass.

Here is our completed bulletin board.  It definitely adds some color to our room!

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