Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making a Cube

We have been working on 3-D Shapes over the past couple weeks here and there.  After using my 3-D shape unit materials, we decided to assemble some cubes.  Our material of choice was pipe cleaners and straws.  My students thought this was great.

Straws and pipe cleaners were cut and all materials were bagged for each student.  After showing the class how to assemble a square, students were asked to make a second square.  We then asked them to try to figure out how to turn our 2 squares into a cube.  One student said, "It isn't a cube because it is flat like a square not fat like a cube."  Yes, you have been listening!  A couple students figured it out independently, but many needed a little problem solving assistance.  My favorite part of the whole process was seeing students who finished early helping their classmates figure it all out.  It was not the students I expected to be helping, and that made it all the better!

A finished product

One square complete.  Look Miss Hennon, it can balance!   Oh goodness... :)
I'm loving the team work!