Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Fall and Halloween

Our Halloween party was Friday due to our Early Dismissal being our Friday.  I wanted to get this posted in case you were still looking looking for ideas as I was last week.

Thanks to Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business for this fall freebie!  Students roll the dice and color the acorn with the 10 frame represented on the dice.

Sight words fun: Inside each cup was a label with a sight word typed on it.  Students bounced a ping-pong ball (with an eyeball on it...thanks Dollar Tree!) into a cup and read the word to their partner. The kids loved it!

Martha Stewart cup clings (window clings for cups found at JoAnns) and TruMoo orange milk (vanilla flavored) for our Halloween Party snack.  Yum!

Packing down the sprinkles to see how many we can get to stay on the cookie :)  We had pumpkin shaped cookies with vanilla frosting and sprinkles to decorate.

He was warm in his costume (hence the costume down to his waist!)  Rely races...trying to carry an eyeball ping-pong ball on a spoon up the little ramp and back down.

Decorating foam pumpkins from Oriental Trading.  Decorating pieces on clearance from Michaels.

Where is the ball?  A ping-pong ball was hidden under 1 of 3 cups.  The cups were moved around and the child had to track/guess which cup had the ball.  This little guy and his dad had a great time playing!

Pumpkin bowling: 6 rolls of toilet paper "bowled over" using a small pumpkin or orange ball. 

Pin the Eye on the Monster:  Blindfolded students had a large wiggly eye with masking tape to "pin" on the moster.

Worm hunt: 5 gummy worms were hidden in a pile of canned Reddi Whip (pudding made with almond milk for student with milk allergy).  Students had to find worms and put them in the muffin cup using only their mouths.  They LOVED it!  I had hair ties available for the girls who wanted their hair tied back.

What do you do to celebrate fall and/or Halloween?  I'd love to hear!  Please consider leaving a comment!

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