Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Body

We finished up our study of our bodies, which students were very interested in.  See the photos below and the captions to get updated on our last couples weeks!

The Skeletal System puzzle from the Wal-Mart dollar bin!  I love a good deal, and my students loved putting this guy together!

When we learned about our circulatory system, we made "blood".  I thought it might be a little over their heads, but my students really enjoyed it and did remember the parts of their blood when we finished.  I found this idea at Chasing Cheerios.  There is a link on the post to download the whole lesson.

At the art center, students made thumbprint animals.  I found a few examples in Google images to give them ideas and put out paper, markers, pencils and a multicolored stamp pad.  It was a hit!

Students had the opportunity to view animal and human x-rays. I love these x-rays because you can see a picture of the object, but when you put it on a light box, you can see the bones thru the picture.  I purchased these x-rays here.

Our "x-rays" created with white and black BioColor paint.  This idea came from Sharron Krull's  "Picasso Meets Einstein" workshop at I Teach K! this summer.  My students thought it was so cool! I had to explain that they couldn't really see their bones in this picture, but it is like an x-ray.

When learning about our sense of sight, we made these eyes.  The black is a circle cut from the Ellison.  The blue (choices of blue, green or brown) was a mixture of tempra paint, Elmer's Glue and shaving cream to give it a spongy texture.  

We made these tongues when we studied our sense of taste.  It was painted with pink paint that had salt mixed in to create "taste buds".  Students then tasted something sweet (fruit roll up), salty (pretzels), sour (lemons) and bitter (lettuce) prior to gluing the pieces on the tongue to show where we taste these different things.

One of my little health care providers :).

We had a very busy yet productive couple weeks learning about our bodies.  We are now learning about fall and the changing seasons.  Check back soon for an update on this unit.

Can anyone offer some suggestions for center activities based on food?  We start that unit next week.  Thanks!

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