Friday, January 29, 2016

Five For Friday {January 29}

I'm linking up with Kasey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday.  This week is "5 things that happened on the 100th day" as today was our 100th day of school.

During our reading centers, each child received 4 or 5 squares of paper.  They were to write one word per paper, which would give us 100 words when finished.  They glued papers to a couple sheets of poster board.  I loved that it was fun and bright.

We have been learning about how things move with this little book, so I wanted to incorporate this into our 100th Day.  We went to the gym and participated in 6 different activities for 100 seconds spent on each activity.  After completing each activity, groups decided whether they pushed, pulled or both at the station.  They had a clipboard with a recording sheet that they took to each station.  

Kicking (a ball at the wall)
Deciding whether they had to push, pull or both after each activity to record on the clipboard.

We built with 100 cups and made 100 art using a black 1 and two 0s.

On the right are seeds that grew into a little plant.

We have been working on handwriting, so students practiced today in 10 frames.  Each letter was practiced 5-10 times in the 10 frame.  They ended up writing 100 letters neatly.  It was a fun way to practice on the 100th Day.

I cut apart a 100 chart and students put them back together again.  I had 5 at the station and each was a different color to make it easier to sort the pieces.  We also worked to write our numbers to 100 on adding machine tape.  

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