Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Little Pilgrims

We had a 2 day week this week and used them learning about Thanksgiving.

On Monday, we talked about the voyage of the Mayflower across the Atlantic.  We watched the Mayflower video on Scholastic's website.  We then made our own Mayflower using a cardboard coffee cup "wrapper", styrofoam, 2 popsicle sticks, Pilgrim clipart, a straw and a small piece of white paper (to make a flag).

After making our mini Mayflowers, we went to the carpet where there was a blue tablecloth with a map of England on one side and the United States on the other side.

Mayflower in England.
Before "making the journey" we talked about aspects of the journey that we learned from the video (how long, what they had to eat, where they slept, etc).  Students then helped their Mayflower make the journey to the US.  

On Tuesday, we were going to be Pilgrims.  Our school does a school-wide feast (all K students), and we dress the kids up with some type of headband for the feast.  I decided to do Pilgrims this year because of some of the activities I was planning in my room.  I usually do turkey hats; they are easy!  I always thought the bonnet for the girls was going to be labor-intensive and the girls wouldn't be able to do it.  They proved me wrong; they were easy to make and the kids were adorable!

I wanted students to experience what it might be like to be packed in a ship (or other space).  I knew they wouldn't be there for a long period of time, but they could have the experience.  I took one table and turned it over (table part on the floor).  My kiddos were already hooked because they thought I was strong if I could do that (stick with my kids!).  I had them, the "Pilgrims" pile into the Mayflower.  Once all were aboard, we built the ship around them by wrapping the table with bulletin board paper to make sure no one fell overboard.  While "aboard", we talked about how it must have been hard to live that close to people in a small space for that long. I don't think they were as cramped as my kiddos were, but they definitely got the idea.

Once the Pilgrims arrived in America, they set to work on Pilgrim jobs.  They had to get corn off the cob to make cornbread, stuff mattresses (pillowcases stuffed with plastic bags), build houses with Lincoln Logs and make butter. 

Making a mattress
Pilgrim homes
After finishing our "Pilgrim jobs", we were able to attend the feast and snack on cornbread muffins and the butter we made later that afternoon.

We talked about life in the "past" and life "present".  We used the book Pilgrims of Plymouth  and a freebie from Teaching Second Grade on TpT to sort photos into "present" and "past".

This Harry Kindergarten song was a huge hit with my kiddos.  It was a sing-along after a couple times of viewing it.

We had a great few days, and I'm so thankful for the time I get to spend with these kiddos on a daily basis!

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