Sunday, November 1, 2015

Learning on the Move

We had an assessment/review week in math last week.  We are starting a new math curriculum this year (Eureka Math) and haven't had much time for math games.  I decided this was the perfect time to start incorporating games.

One of my students' favorites was hopscotch.  I had a hopscotch rug that was safely tucked away and all but forgotten about.  I pulled it out this week along with a "spiky ball".  My kiddos took turns rolling the ball and saying the number that makes 10 with the number the ball lands on.  For example, if the ball landed on 4, the kiddo would say "6".  After telling their small group the number the needed to make 10, they were able to hopscotch across the board.

At the end of math games, I asked students to give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down; 2 gave it a thumbs down and the rest were a resounding thumbs up.  They asked to play it many more times throughout the week.  I have a feeling it will reappear in math and literacy centers in the future!

I love that the kids were up and moving while practicing math skills.  Do you have any games suggestions that get your kiddos moving or that they love?