Monday, September 14, 2015

September Directed Drawings

At the end of last week, we started working on a directed drawing from Jennifer White at First Grade Blue Skies.  I purchased her directed drawing pack during the teacher appreciation sale last spring because we do not have an art teacher and I think my students need some art instruction.  My art skills are shaky at best, so I need a little help along the way, and this pack was perfect!  The instructions are easy for me to follow as I lead, and students are excited to see the project come together.

We started off this year with the bus project included in the packet.  I did each direction step-by-step on the SMARTboard, and students completed each step one at a time after watching me complete the step.  Their direction following was pretty good for the third week of kindergarten!

After completing the drawing with pencil, students used a black crayon to trace all the lines.  I then put the paint out one color at a time for students to add color to their work.

Below I am excited to share some of students' completed work!

What is your favorite art activity to do with your kiddos?


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! So cute!! I love how the personality of the kids come out in their drawings

    1. Their personalities certainly shine through in these. It is interesting to me that they were all in the same room at the same time getting the same directions, but they all turn out different.