Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting to Know Our School Project

 In addition to getting to know others in our class, we wanted to learn about staff members we are in contact with frequently too.

We decided to interview 10 staff members: principal, secretary, kindergarten aide (we share 1 aide among 10 teachers- she basically helps with behavior), reading coach, lunch aide, custodian, librarian, music teacher, gym teacher and technology teacher.  As a class, we formulated 2 questions per person.  Students worked with their partner (we use partners all day) to interview their assigned staff member, take a photo of the staff member and use Chatter Pix to record information about their staff member.

Prior to interviewing, I met with each partnership to review their 2 questions and decide who was going to be the photographer and who would be the "voice recorder".

The kids LOVED this project and have asked to watch the videos again and again.  The video below is our K aide- she was such a good sport and agreed to me sharing her video.

This was a relatively easy project to start off the year with.  The kids were very engaged and involved in the process.  They learned how to use the camera on the iPad as well as the Chatter Pix app.  They thought it was so cool to hear the staff members answer their questions and were quite excited to go show them the finished products.

We shared this project by e-mailing all the videos to the building staff to share with other students so they can learn about staff members too.  Selected videos will also be shared on our district's Facebook page.

What projects do you do with your students at the beginning of the year?


  1. This is such a cool project! I love that you are getting your kids using technology so authentically so early.

    1. It was so much fun to watch them giggle and want to share what they did with the person they interviewed. I got a lot of positive comments from other staff members about using them with their kids too. The project is a keeper!

  2. You do the best stuff!!!! I want to be in your class!!!! xxoo

    1. Thanks, Diane! This was definitely a fun one!