Sunday, August 16, 2015


Feelings can be such a hard thing for kindergarten kiddos.  They have very strong feelings and opinions about things, but don't always know how to appropriately express them!  Our second unit of the year (so in week 3) we start to focus on feelings for a couple weeks.  My kiddos really loved my fill-in-the-blank informational books last year, so I decided to start off this year with a feelings book.

Students will fill in the feeling word on each page based on the picture on the page. The feeling word is labeled for easier copying.  I think it is valuable for them to write the word themselves, which is why I created these as fill-in-the-blanks.  They will also draw in the facial features on a blank face to show that feeling.

A second version of each page is available where children have the opportunity to write a time they felt that particular feeling.  

Be sure to stop by Diane's blog: Spreading Joy...One Giggle At A Time and enter her giveaway for some back to school social stories to help your students establish rules and manners. Sometimes feelings can get in the way with these things too!

We start back tomorrow, but because we do conferences with each family prior to school starting, our kiddos don't start until next week.  I will have the opportunity to meet them beginning this Wednesday though.

How do you help your students learn more about expressing their feelings and understanding the feelings of others?

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