Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Classroom Set Up 2015

I want to share a few pictures of my classroom this year.  It is very similar to my set up from last year with the exception of where the computers are and my teacher table.  I also created more space in front of my chalkboard to make my word wall accessible to my kiddos.

This is the view from the doorway.  To the left (where you can't see) are my cubbies.  My teacher table (which doubles as my desk) is on the far wall to the right of the window you can see.  To the right of this picture is my library, writing center and word wall (see below).

This is the wall immediately to the right of the picture above.  The blue drawers are going to store math manipulatives.  Each table will have a set of drawers to try to cut down on the time it takes to distribute materials.  We are using Eureka Math (Engage NY) for the first time this year, and I understand there are a lot of manipulatives needed each day.  This is my attempt at solving that problem. You can also see my new word wall. The colored dots have upper/lowercase letters on the and the white circles are the picture cues that are from our curriculum.

This bookcase is serving as my "message center" and art materials storage this year.  My grandpa made it in shop class in middle or high school and it is easily 75+ years old. My brother tried to pitch it when he moved in July and I rescued it.  My kiddos drop their folders off for me to check in the morning in the basket, notes collected go on the top for me.  Tissues and markers are on the bottom shelf.  Additional art materials for students to access will be added in the future as they are introduced.  Glue bottles are in the two baskets on the floor.

This is my library update.  I added the additional shelf (small guy to the left) to give my kiddos more storage so it wasn't so crowded.  I think I am going to add framed pictures of readers to the top of the bookcase.  We'll see, but I know I want something with photographs. The blank chalkboard will be used to display student work.

I had a question about the bags on the back of my students' chairs.  I'll be back to write more about those soon.  Thanks for taking a peek at my room.  I'm happy with my space this year after a couple of days with the kiddos in the space!

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