Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Junior Bloggers

My kindergarten kiddos are excited to be blogging as a class at the end of each day.  We do this as our daily wrap-up.  Students all collaborate on what we are going to write and either I type or they do.  On days when our time gets cut short, I do the typing, otherwise, I pull name sticks and allow each child to type a word.  Because this writing is shared with many, I do make sure they spell words correctly and help out as needed.

One of my kiddos asked me, "Can the whole world read this?"  I told her yes.  She then said, "Even the ones that don't speak English?"  So sweet, and yes, even the ones who don't speak English can see it!

We'd love for you to check out our website (not much going on with the website) and our daily blog.  Feel free to leave a comment; we love comments!

Do you blog or have a classroom website with your students?  We'd love to check it out!  Leave your link below.

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