Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sale and a Story

Today begins the TpT Teacher Appreciation Day sale!  All items in my store are 20% off.  If you use the code TAD12, you will receive an additional 10% off.  Visit my store by clicking here.  We are currently using the zoo (safari) themed materials and will be using the beach themed materials after next week.  Stock up now!

This was just a funny story from Friday...A student brought me a plastic insect and the follow conversation transpired:

Student: "Miss Hennon, what kind of bug is this?"

Me: "It looks like a bee to me.  What do you think it is?"

Student: "I think it looks like a bee too.  Hold on."

(Student goes back to the science center and brings back another bug)

Student: "If this is a bee, then what is this?" (pointing to the new bug)

Me: "They look similar.  Maybe they are both bees."

Student: "I think this one is a 'China Bee'".

Me: (not knowing what a China Bee is) "Why do you think it looks like a China Bee?  I don't know what a China Bee is."

Student: "Because it says "China" on it".  The bottom of the bee said "Made in China". 

I love kindergarten kiddos who are learning to read! :)

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