Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teachers Are Human?!?

Kindergarten kiddos are always saying things that make me smile.  Here was the conversation in my Guided Reading group today after reading One Happy Classroom and talking about the different things in a classroom/school.

Student 1 (girl): "Miss Hennon, I know why there is a mirror in the girls bathroom.  It is because sometimes teachers forget to put their make up on or they are late so they can go in the girl's bathroom and put it on."

Student 2 (boy): "There is a mirror in the boys bathroom too."

Me: "There is a mirror in the teacher's bathroom, so if a teacher needed to put her make up on, she could go in the adult bathroom."

Student 2: "Do teachers go to the bathroom?" 

Me: (LOL at this point!)  "Yes, teachers have to go to the bathroom too."

Student 3 (girl): "There is a secret door in the teacher's bathroom so they can sneak in the girls bathroom and see if we are following the rules.  I saw it."

Me: "There is only one door to the adult bathroom, and it is in the hallway."

At this point, I took all the students in my group to see the staff restroom (it is right outside my room and I currently have a student teacher).  The looks on their faces were priceless when they looked in!

Kindergarten kids make me smile :).

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