Friday, August 12, 2016

What Are Our Goals? 2016

Today I attended a leadership meeting in my district where we discussed our focus and goals for the year.  We talked about how to make a difference for our students.  How can we encourage them to set high standards for themselves and believe they can achieve?  Are we holding ALL kids to high expectations?  How can we help kids love reading and learning?  Does everyone in our building/district buy into this idea?

As I was sitting there, I was thinking, "Isn't this why we do what we do?"  I do what I do because I think it is what is best for the kids that I have in my class at that time.  Many of these goals/thoughts have been things I've really been thinking about over the past couple years.

Adventures in Literacy Land just did a book study in July on the book Reading Wellness.  Then, Em from Curious Firsties, wrote a post about a love of reading.  For the last 2 years, I would say the majority of my kids are excited about reading.  I've been asked a few times how they got there, and I really believe they got there by reading.  I love to read, and I offer a lot of opportunities for my kids to have the chance to read. Just look at these girls below, they LOVE reading!  What can we do to make this a reality for all kids?
Reading on the bus on the way to a field trip.
Independent reading in a comfortable area
I believe in experiences for kids.  We know, as a high poverty area, that many of our students do not come with a lot of experiences.  What can I provide them to make their learning meaningful and help them make connections?  Many of these experience have to happen in our classroom or immediate surroundings, but what can I do to make this happen?  These experiences are some of their (and my) favorite memories because they help them fall in love with learning.

How can we support all students to meet high expectations?  I think one way is to teach them how to support one another.  Some of their best learning can come from each other! I am big on collaboration and learning how to work with others in my room.  This is a life skill, and I think it isn't too early to start.  I am not real big on competition in my room, unless you are competing against your self to get better- then by all means, go for it!

I need your help!  I'd love to hear your ideas for helping kids learn to love reading.  What do you do in your classroom to foster this love?  Are there resources you can share?  What do you do to help all kids feel like they can achieve?

What can you teach us?

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  1. I absolutely love this post. You certainly do foster this love and I will say it time and time again...I wish my kids could have you. For me I need to do more collaborating. Being in small groups all day, I don't feel I foster this as well. I would also like to get them to have more varied experiences through skyping with authors, author visits, or other types of experiences. Thanks for sharing your love!