Thursday, December 24, 2015

Parent Gift 2015

On this beautiful Christmas Eve (56 degrees and sunny here in Ohio), I wanted to take a couple minutes to share our parent gift this year.  The kids loved these and were so excited to give them as a gift!

The kids started by painting an 11x14 canvas solid blue.

My pre-student teacher came back to visit and helped paint feet one day during centers.

After these dried, students came over during centers one day and wrote "Let It Snow" with a pencil (which I then traced with a silver Sharpie Paint Pen) and added details to their snowmen.  A paintbrush was used to make the hats then the back end of a brush dipped in the paint was used to make the eyes and mouth.  Last, students used a thin brush to make the orange carrot nose.

The last step was using a q-tip to add snow to our painting.  Below is an example of the finished project.

This project takes a few days with drying time, so it is best to start early.  I started about 2 weeks before winter break.  Fevers and vomiting were running rampant through our building, so I took into account absences.  

The kids wrote their name and the year on a large shipping label and put it on the back of the canvas.  They then wrapped their canvas (with some help) with brown bulletin board paper and attached a homemade card and a bow.

What do your students make for a parent gift? 


  1. Those turned out cute! My team had the students make sparkly white snowflakes. They reminded my teammate of something her son had done. They were cute!

    1. Thanks! I can only do it with more than one adult though; painting feet with 21 little ones can be a bit challenging for one person!