Thursday, July 2, 2015

Teacher Top (My New Blogger Shirt!)

The awesome folks over at A+ Images offered bloggers a free customized t-shirt about a month ago.  I immediately jumped on it because it sounded like fun!  I knew I wanted more than just my blog logo on it, so I went on the hunt for an image/saying I liked.  Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten had the perfect shirt for me.  I chose a couple of my favorite fonts and was off to design.  The graphic I used was from the A+ Images website. Missie was awesome at communicating what would work and what would not and getting my shirt on to production.

It is difficult to tell in the photo below, but my shirt is a purple color.  Purple is my favorite color, and it matches the purple in my blog button found on the back of my shirt.  I so appreciate the option of "women's fit" when it comes to t-shirts because it fits so much better!

Front of the shirt
Back of the shirt
As much as I love my shirt, I think these "kid designed" shirts are even better.  Classroom Faces shirts allow your students to draw pictures of themselves then the designers take what the kids drew in make it into a t-shirt.  These would be so much fun for an end of the year gift for kiddos!

This is an example off their website.
I'm looking forward to meeting the A+ Images crew in the exhibit hall!  Thank-you so much for my comfortable custom shirt!  Have you ever made customized shirts for yourself/staff or your students?


  1. Your logo looks amazing on that shirt! Be sure to get your picture made wearing your shirt at the conference!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. Thank, Donna! Looking forward to a busy week! :)