Monday, November 17, 2014

Our First Snowy Day 2014

Today was our first accumulating snowfall.  No snow day here though.  My students couldn't get enough of the snow as it snowed most of the day.  We got lucky in that it was pretty "warm" for a snowy day.

I decided to take my kiddos out for a little science/observation.  I gave each partnership a 1/4 piece of black construction paper and a magnifying glass.  The person with the paper was charged with collecting snowflakes (falling from the sky) for their partner, with the magnifying glass, to observe.  The observer was to look at the shape of the snowflake and see if they could identify how many sides the snowflake has.

After catching some snowflakes and doing some observation, partners switched jobs.

When we headed back in, students wrote about their experience.  It was fun seeing them stretch out "magnifying glass" to write it.  It is always nice to hear, "This is the best day ever".  The activity brought on that response today.

How do you keep your kiddos engaged when the snow wants their attention too?

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