Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gone Buggy for Writing

We studied spring (in the midst of cold and snow) with a focus on signs of spring and insects.  I worked with half of the class to create a book about insects using the app Book Creator.  You can download the free version to make 1 book, but if you want to make additional books, you have to purchase the paid version at $4.99.

Students were paired with a partner to choose an insect.  After choosing an insect, students completed a graphic organizer about their insect.  Students used some nonfiction books I found at the library and in my personal collection.

I then worked with each partnership to type their information into the book.  Students used the graphic organizer to guide their writing.  To illustrate the book, students used the iPad to take pictures of items in their books showing their learning.  We also found images on Google Images as necessary. Students used the screenshot feature to capture these images.  My only assistance in this process was suggesting what to search (when needed) and helping to crop the images.

You can download our book here from the iTunes store.  It is a free download.  They were able to take turns and support one another in typing their information into the book.  It was a great experience to watch and be a part of!  Stay tuned for the other half of the class and their book about farm animals.


  1. We are doing animal research right now! I read your class book. I love the life cycle pages! Thanks so much for sharing. They did a great job.
    Curious Firsties

    1. Thanks, Em! They worked hard and are quite proud of their work. I love doing project with them where they feel successful and learn lots!