Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today was our Valentine's Day Party.  Our district had an early dismissal today, so we took advantage of the short day and had our party today. 

We kicked off our celebration with some fruit kabobs for breakfast.  Kabobs were made with mini skewers each containing 2 banana slices, 2 strawberry slices and a heart-shaped marshmallow on top.  The kids loved them!

Our boxes were made using cereal boxes covered with bulletin board paper.  Decorations were foam shapes and stickers from the Target dollar bin collected over the past couple years.  I used address labels to put each child's name on his/her box.

I had a wonderful parent who planned our party. The photos below show some of her creative activities!

 Children rubbed the balloon on their heads to create static then picked up tissue paper hearts that were scattered on the carpet.  They also used a chopstick to keep their balloon up in the air.

Using materials donated by a parent from the Target dollar bin, students created foam hearts at one station.  

I think this was a favorite activity.  Pans of dish soap, glycerin and water were on the table covered with trash bags.  Students had 5-6 coffee stirrers each.  They blew bubbles by blowing through the coffee stirrers dipped in the solution to create "bubble monsters" by starting close to the table and trying to expand their monster outward and upward.  They LOVED it!

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